River and Pines Condominium Association


These are the general rules and regulations of the Association. Exceptions to these rules may be granted only by a written notice from the Board. In the event of a conflict between these rules and the Declaration of Condominium or Bylaws, the Declaration or Bylaws shall take precedence.

1.      Any damage to buildings, grounds, or other common areas or to equipment by any owner, tenant guest, family member or pet shall be repaired at the expense of the unit owner. This charge may be assessed in addition to a service fee. Unit owners are fully responsible for the actions of their tenants, family members, guests and pets.

  1. Disturbing Noises/Practices: No unit owner shall make or permit any unreasonable noise that will disturb or annoy other residents, or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comfort and convenience of other residents. Special care shall be taken after 8pm and before 8am.
  2. Trash and garbage: Trash and garbage shall be disposed of in the refuse bin provided. Hazardous or oversized materials cannot be placed in the refuse bin and must be disposed of by the unit owner in accordance with Town Of Bartlett requirements. These items cannot be left by the side of the refuse bin.
  3. Play areas: Play is permitted in designated common areas (beach and other general common properly) provided that such play is not of a nature that is destructive or potentially destructive of property. Also, such play or use should not violate the provisions of item 2.
  4. Defacing of property: Signs, notices, or advertisements shall not be placed in any Common Area or Limited Common Area. Specifically excluded from this regulation are seasonal decorations and "For Sale" signs, or as approved in writing by the Board.

6.      Common areas: The lawns, beach, or other common areas shall not be used for storage or parking or be obstructed in any way. No bicycles, toys, trash cans, or other personal property shall obstruct parking or other common areas.

  1. Rental Property: All unit owners who rent to a tenant shall: (1) provide the tenant with a copy of the then current Rules and Regulations, (2) include in the lease agreement a provision that the tenant has been given said copies, has read and understood, and agrees to abide by these documents, (3) notify the Board of Directors in writing that the unit is tenant-occupied, giving the name(s), address and phone number of the occupants, and (4) provide to the Board the name of any agent retained by the unit owner to manage the unit for him/her. The unit owner is responsible at all times for the enforcement of the established guidelines.
  2. Vandalism: Unit owners and their families, tenants, and guests shall not deface, remove, or destroy, or permit the defacing, removing or destruction of any element of the common areas.


These are the rules and regulations concerning pets. Keeping of pets my permanent residents is generally allowed. Keeping of pets by rental tenants is discouraged but allowed provided the unit owner assumes responsibility for the actions of the tenant’s pets.

1.      The maintenance, keeping, boarding and/or raising of animals, livestock or poultry of any kind, regardless of number, shall be and is hereby prohibited within any condominium unit, Common Area, or Limited Common Area, except that this shall not prohibit the keeping of small dogs, cats, and/or caged birds as domestic pets, provided they are not maintained, kept or bred for commercial purposes and provided further that the keeping of small dogs, cats and/or caged birds will not constitute such type of noxious or offensive activity as covered in item 2.

2.      All pets shall be kept leashed and under the control of their owner whenever they are outside the unit, and shall not be allowed to run free or unleashed at any time, or to otherwise interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other residents.

3.      Animals must be housed within the owner’s condominium unit, and external pet structures such as dog houses are prohibited.

4.      Dogs may be walked along common roadways and in Common Areas, and in the Limited Common Area associated with the dog owners unit only. Dogs shall be prohibited on the common beach. Dogs may not be walked on Limited Common Areas associated with other units.

5.      All pet waste must be cleaned up and disposed of properly. This includes Common Areas and the Limited Common Area of the pet owner’s unit.

6.      Pets must be vaccinated and kept in accordance with local laws and regulations.

7.      Owners are responsible for all damages caused by their pets to common areas and to the property of others.

8.      The board of directors at their sole discretion reserves the right to revoke an owner’s right to keep pets if there multiple complaints or violations of these rules by the unit owner or their tenants.


Adopted by Board of Directors on:  __April 14, 2005_______________


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